new look! newer than the last new look!

the incredible adventures of new CMS backend

or: ‘yes, i’ve now discovered the perils and pleasure of a self-hosted Wordpress site’.

Per Kat, this is not a relaunch per se, it’s just that the last one was a soft launch. So here it is again: In any case, I kinda went into it in this post, but I basically decided to start afresh using Wordpress on my site rather than going around trying to make the basic Weebly features work for me, and then be tempted to upgrade to a(n unnecessary) paid plan.

So far so good! Prior to this I only had a free account, but now it was all about learning about containers and php and noodling about the file directory tree. in any case, i’m still dedicated to being a normie in my dotage, so i’ve firmly set myself to only find solutions via one of the many thousands of plugins rather than opening Notepad and handcoding shit. (lies, I still had to do an ugly code patch job to the htaccess file for some reason)

So here’s how it’ll shape up: